Stainless steel expansion vessels
Technical data

Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Temp. 70°C


The Z8, Z12 and Z18 STAINLESS STEEL expansion vessels can particularly fit all applications in coastal areas where the presence of brackishness results in the rapid corrosion of all the parts made in plain steel or in chemical plants as instance water conditioners or to allow the expansion of water in plants for the production of sanitary hot water equipped with boiler or heat exchanger or finally in every application in which a high of hygiene is necessary like in homes or communities.
Expansion vessels for heating systems
Technical data

Max working temperature: 70C vessel, 99C system.
HEADS AND SHELL: carbon steel, cold pressed.
Potable water expansion tank
Technical data

Max. working pressure 150/10 psi/bar
Temp. range 14¸210/ -10¸+99

Construction benefit

  • Stainless steel water connection provides cprrosion resistance
  • Deep grawn heavy gauge steel, with fewer welds. Sharp edges and rough spots are eliminated protect diaphragm
  • Protect pre-charge valve to prevent air loss
  • Butyl diaphram isolates water from air
  • highly rust resistence durable baked epoxy coating finish