Contrex import, stock & distribute various types of pumps, accessories & related Materials.

Subtantial stock of the brands GRUNDFOS, FAGGIOLATI, HYDROPOMPE & LOWARA with all related spares in Contex inventory continuesly. A good part of our sales of these items ID.

Through our own outlets in Jeddah, Riyadh & Eastern region (Our Showrooms) but also through a number of partners distributors, who are in continous contact with our trading division.

Since 2004 Contrex started stocking factory assembed packaged systems (Duplex & Triplex) in standard verson from Grundfos which are beside Contrex manufactured systems, handeled by thr same division & outlets for non project direct supply.

Our technicians & service personal are always available in our locations.

Contrex Trading Ltd.
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